It is an inevitable result of parish closings and mergers under the Called to be Church pastoral plan that there will be some individuals who lose their job. 

The Diocese seeks to provide assistance and support to affected staff with their benefits, job placement, retirement options and other services. Optimistically, there will be opportunities for re-employment within the Diocese that call for special consideration.

In an effort to reach out to those who will be losing their positions, the Diocesan Office of Human Resources has sent a questionnaire and information packet to closing/merging parishes for distribution to staffers, to be returned to us at the Pastoral Center.

Personal attention
Information from the questionnaires will allow us to contact these individuals and to assess the need for transition assistance in applying for unemployment benefits, seeking health insurance alternatives, evaluating pension options, as well as job search efforts. 

Depending on the need, regional information sessions with staff from the New York State Department of Labor will be held to help with resume writing, interviewing techniques and finding jobs. 

Additionally, we can arrange information sessions on health insurance coverage options after parish coverage ceases.

Re-employment opportunities
Employees who wish to be considered for employment at another parish are encouraged to submit their resume and letter of interest to my office for inclusion on a preferential hiring list. 

This list will be shared with pastors, parish life directors, and others who hire new employees. If jobs open up, these leaders should contact us to post the vacancy on the Diocesan web site and to provide former and qualified employees the first chance to apply for these openings. The Office of Evangelization, Catechesis and Family Life will also continue in its role of providing assistance in the hiring of catechetical/youth ministry leaders.

(Mrs. Tarantino is director of human resources for the Diocese. Contact her at (518) 453-6635, by email: joyce.tarantino, or by mail at Office of Human Re-sources,RCDA, 40 North Main Ave., Albany, NY 12203.)