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4/25/2013 9:00:00 AM
Priests' anniversaries

REV. MARTIN DEROSE, a native of Amsterdam, has served as associate pastor at St. Ambrose parish in Latham, St. Teresa of Avila in Albany and Corpus Christi in Round Lake; as pastor for Nativity/St. Mary's in Stuyvesant Falls and St. Stephen's in Hagaman; and as a hospital and prison chaplain. He has not announced plans to mark his anniversary.

REV. EDWARD GOLDING, a native of Troy, has been associate pastor at St. Peter's parish in Saratoga Springs and Corpus Christi in Round Lake (and later administrator); regional priest for Schoharie and administrator (later pastor) of St. Anna's in Summit; pastor of St. Joseph's in Worcester; and, currently, administrator of St. John the Baptist, Walton, and St. Peter's, Delhi, and a prison chaplain. He has not announced anniversary plans.

REV. JOHN TALLMAN, a native of Watervliet, has served as associate pastor at Our Lady of the Assumption, Latham; a sacramental minister for several parishes; and chaplain for the Columbiettes, Ellis Hospital in Schenectady and, for many years, the Albany and Watervliet Fire Departments and St. Peter's Hospital in Albany.

"What I love most about being a priest," he told The Evangelist, "is that I am able to be with people at the most intimate moments in their lives."

Father Tallman has not announced plans to celebrate his 25th anniversary.

REV. JOSEPH D'AGOSTINO, a native of Schenectady, has served as associate pastor (and later administrator and then pastor) of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish in Gloversville, chaplain for Coxsackie Correctional Facility, pastor of St. Patrick's in Athens, chaplain for persons in the Diocese with hearing impairments and, from 1975 until his retirement in 1988, pastor of Resurrection parish in Germantown.

"I enjoyed all my years as a priest. I would recommend this vocation because it's a great life and has so many opportunities to serve and help others. I'm glad to [have been] active for so many years and lead a fulfilled life serving."

He has not announced plans to mark his 70th anniversary.

REV. WILLIAM GORMAN, a native of Troy, has served at many parishes, including as associate pastor at Holy Cross parish in Albany, St. Mary's in Glens Falls and St. Thomas the Apostle in Delmar; as chaplain to the Resurrection sisters in Castleton; as an Air Force chaplain in the first Persian Gulf War; as administrator for St. Peter's and St. Pauls in Troy; and as pastor of St. Joseph's in Dolgeville, St. John the Baptist in Newport and his current assignment, Our Lady of the Valley in Middleburgh.

"Priesthood is super because it has put me in a position of helping people just as Jesus helped everyone. The most memorable moment was blessing my mother immediately following my ordination. If you want to help people to experience joy more than tears, become a priest."

Father Gorman will mark his anniversary with a Mass May 19, 9:45 a.m., at Our Lady of the Valley, followed by a reception.

REV. KENNETH GREGORY, a Queens native, has been associate pastor for St. Mary's parish in Clinton Heights, Immaculate Heart of Mary in Hudson Falls, Our Lady of Victory in Troy and St. Thomas the Apostle in Delmar; administrator for St. Michael's in Cohoes and St. Joan of Arc in Menands; and pastor of St. Madeleine Sophie in Schenectady and Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Gloversville. For the past 18 years, he's been chaplain for Albany Medical Center and sacramental minister for Our Lady of the Snow parish in Grafton/Berlin.

"My priesthood experience has been a joy and a blessing, especially having the opportunity to bring Christ's comfort and peace to so many in the most vulnerable moments of their lives in my hospital ministry and also having the joy of ministering in our parish community each week. The most memorable moment of my priestly ministry was attending the installation Mass for Blessed John Paul II and meeting him in the audience hall, shaking my hand and putting his arm around my shoulder."

Father Gregory will observe his anniversary with a Mass of Thanksgiving May 19, 11 a.m., at Our Lady of the Snow's Grafton worship site, with a reception afterward.

REV. THOMAS HAYES, a Troy native, has served as associate pastor at St. Vincent de Paul, St. Joseph's, St. John's and St. Ann's parishes, all in Albany; administrator for St. Ann's; and pastor of St. Helen's in Schenectady, Our Lady of Victory in Troy, St. Mary's in Crescent and, since 2000, St. Thomas the Apostle in Delmar. He is also director of the Diocese's Hispanic Apostolate.

"For me, the ministry of reconciliation is paramount. Helping people have an enriching experience for their spirituality through good Sunday liturgies is a priority for my ministry."

Father Hayes' Mass for his 40th anniversary will be May 19, noon, at St. Thomas the Apostle

REV. JOHN LANESE, an Albany native, has served at several schools and has been associate pastor of Our Lady of Victory parish, Troy, and St. Edward's, Clifton Park; administrator of the Catholic community of Little Falls, Annunciation parish in Ilion, St. Bernard's and St. Rita/Sacred Heart in Cohoes, St. Mary's in Clinton Heights and St. Francis of Assisi in Albany. He's now retired and has no plans to mark his anniversary.

REV. JOHN MOYNA, who hails from the Bronx, has served as associate pastor for St. Clare's parish in Colonie, St. Mary's in Clinton Heights, St. Pius X in Loudonville and St. John the Evangelist in Schenectady; as chaplain for Coxsackie Correctional Facility; and, since 1986, as pastor of St. Mary's parish in Coxsackie and dean for Greene County.

"Priesthood has been a most incredible blessing in my life," he says. "God has led me to some amazing places and people in my 40 years of ministry. It has been a privilege to accompany and serve God's people on their journeys of faith through all stages of their lives in both good times and bad. I have been inspired by them and I am deeply grateful to them."

He'll mark those 40 years of ministry with a Mass at St. Mary's in Coxsackie May 19, 10:30 a.m.

REV. JOHN PROVOST, an Albany native, has been associate pastor for St. Francis de Sales parish in Loudonville; diocesan vice chancellor, director of religious education and family life coordinator; and pastor of St. John the Evangelist, St. Mary's and Holy Cross parishes in Schenectady, St. Thomas the Apostle in Delmar, St. Henry's in Averill Park and St. Mary's in Nassau. He's currently pastor of St. Mary's and Sacred Heart parishes in Albany.

"In the Scriptures, the response of the Lord's followers had to be that of faithful disciples. They had to be able to see Christ in themselves and themselves in Christ. So, it seems to me that if we are to honor the priesthood of Jesus Christ, then we must speak of it in terms of discipleship. Disciples' lives are characterized not only by faith, but also, and perhaps more importantly, by hope. As a disciple, I believe I am God's story of hope to the world in my ministry as a priest - and I am grateful to Bishop Hubbard, my brother priests and the many people who have encouraged me over the years to live the life of a disciple as fully as possible. I am appreciative of those who challenge me to become the best version of myself, inspire me to act purposefully and direct me to a deeper conversation with God, who calls all of us to lives of service."

Father Provost has no anniversary plans.

BISHOP HOWARD J. HUBBARD is also marking the 50th year of his priestly ordination; he was ordained Dec. 18, 1963, in Rome, Italy. He'll celebrate with a Mass Oct. 20 at 3 p.m. at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany - a liturgy that will also mark his 75th birthday, when he must submit his resignation to the Vatican and prepare for retirement. The Evangelist will cover his anniversary at that time.

REV. JOHN CAIRNS, a native of Troy, has served at Ss. Peter and Paul, Frankfort; on the faculty of Catholic Central High in Troy; and as pastor of St. Anthony's, Johnstown, and St. Edward the Con-fessor, Clifton Park, where he served from 1981 until his retirement in 2006.

"Over the years, I have learned that when priests no longer have to compete with one or another of the laity, a collegial form of leadership can emerge that is characterized by discernment, patience, kindness, compassion, caring and understanding. Even after 50 years, I find priesthood a challenging and exciting ministry."

Father Cairns will observe his anniversary with a Mass of Thanksgiving May 26, 11 a.m., at St. Edward's parish in Clifton Park. A reception will follow.

REV. LIAM CONDON, a native of Ireland who was ordained there, came to the Albany Diocese the year he was ordained. He has served as associate pastor at St. James parish in Albany, St. Peter's in Troy and St. Alphonsus in Glens Falls; in prison ministry; and as pastor of Holy Cross parish in Salem from 1980-2011, when he retired.

He will mark his anniversary June 9 with a Mass at Holy Cross parish in Salem.

REV. J. THOMAS CONNERY, a native of Troy, was associate pastor at St. Mary's, Little Falls, then spent 10 years in Alaska when the Albany Diocese began sharing clergy and religious with that state, serving at four different parishes and as director of vocations. He then served as chaplain at Albany Medical Center and pastor of St. Joseph's parish in Albany, St. Mary's and Sacred Heart in Little Falls and, from 1990-2007, Immaculate Conception in Glenville. He continues as pastor emeritus there.

"There is this call by Jesus, my own personal response, and obedience to the Church. Where else can you be a minister and teacher to all levels of society - schools, prisons, hospitals, parishes? It's been a wonderful journey and life! A most remarkable moment [was] to be in the room where a classmate was killed and offer a prayer of forgiveness to God for the men who killed him. [It] was most difficult, but I was able to pray for them....To those along the way that I hurt or was less than a priest to, I ask your forgiveness. I've always felt that a priest should live by the altar. As a parish priest, there is a need for prayer, to be kind and to be available. The sacraments are for the people and not for our personal domain. I thank the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit - and Mary, queen of the clergy - to be among the 'golden boys,' to celebrate 50 years of priesthood."

He will celebrate his 50th anniversary at all Masses at Immaculate Conception in Glenville on the weekend of May 25-26: the 5 p.m. Saturday vigil and 8 and 11 a.m. on Sunday. A reception will follow each liturgy.

REV. DONALD KELLY, a native of Green Island, has served as associate pastor at St. George's parish in Pittstown (where he was later pastor), Annunciation in Ilion, St. Brigid's in Watervliet and St. Mary's in Amsterdam; and pastor of St. Joseph's in West Winfield, St. John the Evangelist in Rensselaer, St. Monica's in Johnsonville and St. Joseph's in Green Island, from which he retired in 1992.

What he remembers most, he said, was "the wonderful reception by all the people in each parish."

His anniversary plans are pending.

REV. FRANCIS MCCLOSKEY, a native of Brooklyn, has been an assistant at Sacred Heart, Cairo; St. Patrick's, Athens (while on the faculty of St. Patrick's High School); Annunciation, Ilion; St. Teresa of Avila, Albany (while chaplain at Albany Medical Center); St. John the Evangelist, Rensselaer; St. Jude's, Wynantskill; and St. Ambrose, Latham. He was pastor of St. Brigid's, Copake Falls, and has assisted the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. He retired in 2005 and has not announced anniversary plans.

REV. ANTHONY MOTTA, a native of Italy who was ordained there, came to the Albany Diocese in 1967 and has served as associate pastor at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish in Amsterdam, St. Patrick's in Albany and St. Anthony's in Schenectady; administrator for St. John the Baptist in Walton; as pastor of Immaculate Conception in Haines Falls, for more than 31 years; and as administrator and then pastor of Sacred Heart in Palenville until 2009.

"To be born a thousand times is always to be a priest of Christ. In Christ we find ourselves and the value of what we can be. [My most memorable moment was] on the day of my priestly ordination and first holy Mass, when I preached for the first time and forgave the murderer of my father."

He will mark his anniversary spiritually, in private.

REV. KENNETH TUNNY, a native of Albany, has been associate pastor of St. Joseph's parish in Schenectady and St. Teresa of Avila, Albany; pastor of St. Joseph's in Albany; chaplain at Russell Sage College in Troy, The University at Albany and for Hospice of Schenectady; a counselor for Counseling for Laity in Albany; pastor of St. Catherine's in Middleburgh; and sacramental minister at St. Gabriel's, Rotterdam. He did not announce anniversary plans.

REV. GREGORY WEIDER, a Rochester native, has served as associate pastor at Blessed Sacrament parish in Mohawk, St. Anthony's in Schenectady, St. Agnes in Cohoes and St. Thomas the Apostle in Delmar; administrator of Notre Dame in Schuylerville and Sacred Heart of Mary in Watervliet; diocesan chaplain for Scouting and national chaplain for the National Catholic Committee on Scouting; chaplain for Samaritan Hospital in Troy; and pastor of St. John the Baptist in Schaghticoke, St. Monica's in Johnsonville and Holy Trinity in Schaghticoke. He last spent eight years as chaplain for St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam until retiring in 2010.

"In 1945, my uncle, Joseph Weider, a U.S. Army paratrooper, was killed in the Battle of the Bulge. I was eight years old at the time. I thought that if he could die that we may continue to live in freedom, I could give my life to the Lord as a priest for the promotion of peace. My life as a priest has been a total adventure. When I was on sabbatical in Rome in 1987, on two occasions I met with Blessed John Paul II. [While on a 50-mile hike in New Mexico with Scouts,] New York City Scouts requested that I offer Mass with them since they were on the trail on Sunday. It was my joy to celebrate with them and our own Scouts. It showed the hunger for their spiritual life. To have the privilege to minister to those who are ill and dying and to bring them the solace of Christ brings a deep joy and consolation beyond measure. These moments, coupled with faith formation experiences with young people and for those preparing for the sacraments, help with the formation of a vocation to the holy priesthood, and of being a help to those who have lost a loved one - all these opportunities have brought to me the fullest joy and consolation of being a priest. A vocation or calling begins and continues with Jesus' personal invitation into a deeper relationship with Him, [bringing] joy, peace, happiness and strength which enables you to minister to others. In the words of Jesus, 'Be not afraid;' 'Come, follow me.'"

Father Weider will celebrate a jubilee Mass June 2, 3 p.m., at St. Thomas the Apostle, Delmar.

REV. JOSEPH BARKER, a native of both Troy and Albany, has served as an associate pastor at Our Lady of Victory and St. Paul the Apostle parishes in Troy; administrator of St. Thomas the Apostle in Schenectady; and pastor at St. Mary's in Little Falls and St. Patrick's in Johnstown. He was dean of Herkimer and Fulton counties respectively while a pastor in each. He retired in 1998.

"All of my priesthood has been the work of a parish priest with its great variety. It has been and continues to be a wonderful experience in so many different ways. My 60 years as a priest have given me a great deal of happiness. I hope that many other men will become priests. It will be, for them, a wonderful life."

Father Barker will celebrate a Mass of Thanksgiving June 2, 11:30 a.m., at Our Lady of Victory parish in Troy. A reception will follow.

REV. DONALD DOYLE, a native of Glens Falls, has served as associate pastor at St. Peter's parish in Troy, Blessed Sacrament in Albany, St. Joseph's in Troy and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany; as pastor of Most Precious Blood in South Kortright, Sacred Heart in Albany and, for 30 years, St. Theresa of the Child Jesus in Windham. He retired in 2002, but still serves at St. Mary's in Glens Falls.

"In all the parishes to which I was assigned, I found the parishioners very loyal and willing to help. As my priestly career is ending due to eyesight and diabetic neuropathy, I pray that I may continue to serve the wonderful congregation at St. Mary's. They have been very warm and welcoming and I take great pleasure in being able to offer Mass. I owe my priestly vocation to the late Msgr. Daniel Burns, my pastor at St. Joseph's, Fort Edward. I was a senior in high school. Monsignor approached me about my thoughts of becoming a priest. He made all the arrangements and I started studies for the priesthood. My 60 years as a priest have been rewarding. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. I would recommend many men in our Diocese who have the faith and the gifts to share them. Your lives will be greatly blessed and rewarded."

He will offer a Mass of Thanksgiving at St. Mary's with family for his anniversary.

REV. JOSEPH HALLORAN, a native of Cohoes, has been an associate pastor at St. Thomas the Apostle parish in Delmar, St. Mary's in Little Falls, St. Thomas in Schenectady and St. Peter's in Saratoga Springs; chaplain at St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam; administrator of St. James in Chatham; and pastor of Sacred Heart in Castleton and then Immaculate Conception in New Lebanon, where he served from 1971 until his retirement in 2000. He was also chaplain at Berkshire Farms and Center for Youth.

Father Halloran has not announced anniversary plans.

REV. OWEN SHANLEY, a native of Troy, has served as associate pastor at St. Luke's parish in Schenectady, St. Catherine's in Middleburgh and St. Mary's in Hudson; and as pastor of St. Joseph's in Richfield Springs and Immaculate Conception in Corinth, where he spent 18 years, retiring in 2003.

He has not announced plans to mark his anniversary.

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