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The Evangelist
Friday, July 20, 2018

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  • Lake George parish welcomes international students
    Sacred Heart parish in Lake George is helping to promote diversity and create international friendships through its assistance with the Lake George Student Connection program.
    THE ST. ISAAC JOGUES YOUTH CONFERENCE last weekend at the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs in Auriesville focused on boosting teens' faith and inspiring them to think about what their vocation in life might be. The theme for this year's conference was "fearless."
  • Choices abound for  summer fun in Diocese
    Nothing says summertime like hanging out at camp, and parishes and groups around the Albany Diocese are offering summer fun with camps and programs. The Evangelist spoke to several about what’s in store for kids and teens in the coming months.
  • A rising Niskayuna High School freshman has dribbled and shot his way to victory in a New York State and international free-throw basketball competition sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.
  • Slime creator is teen entrepreneur
    At just 14 years old, Maria Gannon runs her own slime business: Parakeet Slimes, LLC.
  • Ella’s solution to Saratoga parking woes
    If I were mayor, I would create better parking in downtown Saratoga. Downtown Saratoga is such a busy place full of great restaurants, beautiful shops and workplaces for many people. All year ‘round, downtown Saratoga is moving nonstop.
  • A graduation day reflection
    Commencement is one of the signature moments in the life of a young man or woman, and often leaves a lasting impression. The families of the graduates are delighted and undoubtedly relieved that their children have successfully completed a rite of passage.
  • A teen’s view of abortion debate
    I believe that most pro-choicers are motivated by compassion: compassion for women who are in a scary, overwhelming situation and searching for a way out. But abortion is not a way out we should ever offer. In abortion, an innocent human being is killed.
  • Another South African graduates, thanks to Albany Catholic Workers
    This is my story of success, which has seen me graduating with honors a few weeks ago in KwaNdebeqheke, South Africa, with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  • Track star leaves CP in the dust
    Mikey McDonald looks no different than his competition when running on the track. No one knows that, at six years old, the freshman at Saratoga Central Catholic High School was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy (CP), a neurological disorder that impairs motor function and movement. 

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