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The Evangelist
Saturday, April 21, 2018

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  • Ecumenism in the trenches
    We were getting ready to close our church building for a few months for a full interior renovation. The parish had been waiting and preparing for years, and now it was here. We would celebrate Mass in the rectory basement on weekdays and in the school gym on Sundays. We were all set!
  • Solution to a 500-year rift: healthy ecumenism
    October 31, 2017, is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation -- when, legend says, a disgruntled Augustinian monk, Martin Luther, nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany.
  • Bruderhof, Catholics promote life
    For the last four years, the Maple Ridge Bruderhof community in Ulster Park, N.Y., has had a "Celebrate Life" open house in May for our Catholic friends.
  • Assisi in Albany is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Its job counseling program is a quiet work of mercy that has been helping people find and keep good work since 2006.
  • Practicing ecumenism
    What do you consider is of prime importance in being a Christian believer? St. Paul's major concern for the Corinthian Church was that his sisters and brothers be in agreement.
  • Does 'In our times' mean, 'now and forevermore?'
    The words "Nostra Aetate" mean, "In our times." These are the first words of the document published by the Second Vatican Council in 1965, announcing change. "In our times..." was intended to mean that the council was breaking from the past.
  • In recent years, as groups around the world commit terrorist acts in the name of religion, we face the question of whether a particular religion can be described as one of peace or one of violence.
  • This April, I find myself overflowing with national pride for being Armenian! I am filled with powerful, diverse emotions. On April 23, the canonization service for new saints in the Armenian Church brought me to tears on many occasions. Tears of pain are now replaced with tears of joy.
  • Our relationships with clergy and laity of many traditions engaged in ecumenical Christian unity are all based on modern interpretations of the biblical Scriptures and church traditions.
  • Now in its eighth round, the dialogue between Reformed churches in North America and the Roman Catholic Church has continued for nearly 50 years.

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