Jesus, help me remember that each person in the world sees things differently than every other one! Amen.

Mary and Joseph took baby Jesus to the temple in Jerusalem. A man named Simeon realized that Jesus was God and said, "I can die happy now." Joseph and Mary were amazed. Then a woman named Anna also said Jesus was the Savior of the world. Mary and Joseph went home with Jesus, and He grew up and became strong and filled with wisdom.

Some kids wear glasses or contacts because they don't see as well without them. Some people are color-blind, meaning they don't see certain colors. Some people can't see at all.

Whether our eyes work well or not, every person in the world sees things a little differently than every other person. What we see is also about our memories and viewpoints. If you like cats, you'll see one and think, "How cute;" if you dislike cats, you'll think, "Yuck! Get it away!"

This week's Gospel (Luke 2:22-40) is about seeing things differently. Mary and Joseph take baby Jesus to the temple (like your church). The Holy Family is surprised when they meet two people who see Jesus differently than they do!

Mary and Joseph know that baby Jesus is the Son of God, but they may not have known anyone else would look at their baby and see that. Simeon and Anna even realize that Jesus is the Messiah, that He'll grow up to save the world.

Joseph and Mary took care of Jesus every day. When He was little, they were probably more concerned with feeding Him and changing His diapers than what was going to happen years in the future.

People see things differently from each other. Simeon and Anna had been waiting their whole lives for the Messiah to come, so they were sure to recognize Him when He appeared, even if He was still a baby.

Everyone has moments when we don't see things. Another person may catch something you don't even notice -- like the Son of God being right in front of you!