Jesus, help me remember that, with whatever work I have to get done, you've got my back! Amen.

An angel of God visited Mary and told her, "Congratulations! You're going to have a baby, and name Him Jesus." Mary was worried and scared. How could she be the mother of God? "The Holy Spirit will be with you," the angel said. "Remember, nothing's impossible for God." Mary answered: "I am God's servant. I'll do what you say."

You're standing there staring at a pile of homework or the giant mess that is your bedroom. There is absolutely no way you can get through all of this, you think. There's too much homework, too much of a mess. You start to panic: No one could finish this! You're going to get in trouble! What can you do?

This week's Gospel (Luke 1:26-38) has the answer: Just say, "Yes," get started and remember that God has got your back. When people are faced with a big job, a lot of them panic at first. They look at everything they have to do and can't see past the piles of work. As you look at your messy room or backpack full of homework, you probably feel the same way!

Mary certainly felt that way. When an angel suddenly appeared and gave her the biggest job of her life, her first response was fear. How could any regular person be the mother of God? How would she know how to bring up Jesus?

The way to start any big pile of work is to pick one thing and do it. Sometimes, it can even help to pick the easiest part: Put the laundry in the hamper or finish the homework assignment you can cruise through. That gets your momentum going, so you can move on to the next thing.

For Mary, it was saying, "Yes." She still had no idea how she was going to explain to Joseph that she was going to become a mom; she had no idea how she was going to take care of baby Jesus. She just trusted God and did the one thing she could do: She agreed to start the work.

Start your work. You won't be doing it alone.