Jesus, teach me to put important things in one place, and to put you at the top of my to-do list. Amen!

"The coming of the kingdom of heaven," said Jesus, "will be like girls who took lamps lit with oil outside to meet someone for a party. Only some brought extra oil. By the time the man got there, the foolish girls had to go get more oil because their lamps were going out. When they got back, the party had started and the doors were locked." Jesus added: "Be ready. You don't know when the kingdom of heaven will come."

"Where's my math blue sweatshirt?"

Some kids spend a lot of time asking questions like that. You tunnel through piles of stuff on your dresser, under your bed or in the couch cushions as you frantically look for everything you've lost. Meanwhile, you're late for the bus and missed an important text.

This week's Gospel (Matthew 25:1-13) points out that it pays to be organized!

Jesus tells the story of a party where some people are ready to greet the guest of honor and others aren't. The ones whose lamps burn out must be embarrassed at not being organized. They also end up missing the party.

Jesus is really talking about the time when He'll come back. No one knows when that will be, so He wants us to be ready at any time. It would not be good if God - the guest of honor - showed up and we weren't ready to greet Him!

How do you get organized? First, have a clean space where you put important things. You're more likely to find stuff if your phone and homework are always on your dresser. That means clearing everything else off the dresser, though!

Second, it helps to prioritize. Worry about the homework now, but deal with the lost sweatshirt later.

Getting ready for Jesus works the same way. What's important? Praying. Going to church. Being kind. Doing service. Those things go on the top of your to-do list. Start every day with a quick prayer; volunteer at church.

Jesus said to "be ready." Getting organized is a good way to start!