Jesus, if I have any doubt something is true, help me wait and see what happens - but help me have no doubts about you! Amen.

Jesus took Peter, James and John up a mountain. As they watched, He began to change. His face and clothes got brighter and brighter, until they couldn't even look at Him! Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus, and God's voice said, "This is my beloved Son. Listen to Him." Then the light went out and they were alone with Jesus again. "Don't tell anyone about this yet," Jesus said.

Some adults act like kids are willing to believe anything, but you know better. If someone tells you a new cereal is the best-tasting food ever or that they're going to win the school spelling bee, you don't just agree. You try the cereal and wait for the spelling bee finals!

It's smart not to believe everything you hear, but there are also things we need to take on faith.

In this week's Gospel (Mark 9:2-10), it's easy to imagine that Jesus might be exasperated with some of His friends. The Apostles have been traveling with Jesus, seeing the miracles He's done and hearing everything He's sharing about God, but some of them still don't understand that Jesus is God.

When you don't just believe something, you'll wait to find out if it's true. You'll eat the cereal to see if it's delicious or go to the spelling bee and cheer for your friend, hoping he or she really will win.

Whatever His reasons were, Jesus decided to show Peter, James and John that He was God. He gave them a glimpse of what He might look like in heaven, as bright as the sun. God the Father spoke to them and said it was true, and famous people we know from the Bible appeared. That's a lot of proof!

If you doubt something, it can be good to wait and see if it's true. But doubting Jesus isn't a great idea. We have all the proof we need that He's God, and that God loves us!