St. Madeleine Sophie School in Schenectady started the new year with a school tradition: Fifth-graders dressed as the three Wise Men retold the story of the visiting Kings and brought symbols of gold, frankincense and myrrh to each classroom (candy, incense and hand sanitizer). The school reported that the reenactment was "met with awe as the younger students waited to receive each of the same gifts that baby Jesus received on the epiphany."

Students continued learning about Three Kings' Day in Spanish classes, discussing "rosca de reyes" or "kings' cake" and how each child hopes to be the one who gets the slice of cake with a tiny statue of baby Jesus inside. Following the Spanish custom of making 12 wishes while eating 12 grapes on New Year's Eve, fourth- and fifth-graders made their own lists of secret desires for 2014.

St. Madeleine Sophie parish is holding its annual baked potato sale in February to support this summer's Guilderland Workcamp, during which people do volunteer work in the community.